What is Email Marketing and how to do it?

Do you know which is the best way with the help of which you can stay in touch with your readers or customers and force them to come back to your website? Such email marketing is going to be very useful for you.

Email Marketing is one such means with the help of which we can convert our Daily Visitors into Regular Readers. Or if you have an e-commerce website, then you can convert your visitors into customers.

I am going to share everything step by step with you, with the help of which you can understand Email Marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a method with the help of which you can do continuous marketing through email. For this, you have to make a list of many emails which are interested in your content. After that you will have to send them newsletters daily, so that you will be regular in contact with those people.

Here Newsletters mean Short Description about your Content in that Particular Email, Detail about any Offer or any Informative Video. With this people will also get some knowledge and a trust will also be built.

What Makes Email Marketing So Effective?

Like I just told you about the Email Open Rate, after all, why Email Marketing is so effective, we are going to know this now.

  1. Reasons for Regular Communication
    The one who comes once on your website or blog does not necessarily come again and again. In such a situation, how can you convert your visitor to a regular reader? For this, you send them emails every day so that you can communicate with them regularly.
  2. Start making Trust
    Many people use it to increase the trust of people on their website. Once the trust of the readers is built, they start visiting your website regularly.
  3. Everyone Uses Emails
    Who does not use Emails in today’s time, in such a situation, if you are not doing it, then the loss is yours.
  4. Better than Social Media
    Email is better than social media in every respect. Email’s CTR is negligible in Social Media’s Compression, and if I talk about Quality Traffic, then you get that too from here.

How to do Email Marketing

Now I am going to tell you how you can do all these things step by step.

1. Select Email Marketing Service

Before sending an email, you have to choose some such email marketing software, with the help of which you can easily do those things. You should never use Personal Email to send all these emails, it puts your privacy at risk.

I would suggest that you use some software. Apart from this, you cannot perform all these things manually, so you have to use those software at some point of time, so why not use it from the beginning.

I use two email services, which have been very helpful for me, the first of which is Constant Contact and the second is Sendinblue. Both of these are great for those who are just starting out.

2. Make Welcome Email the best

You all know that by following this law “First Impression Is The Last Impression”, you have to design your Welcome Email. Your Welcome Email should not be boring, you try to make Welcome Email as good as possible.

3. Start collecting email

Now your biggest task is to collect emails. How will you know which person is interested in your content? In such a situation, this is the most difficult task.

Apart from this, find people in Social Media Groups who are interested in your content, then get emails from them, or check in their profiles whether their emails are being shown or not. There are many ways to collect emails, it depends on you which one you choose.

4. Never Buy Email List

I have seen many such people who buy a list of emails. After buying emails, they do not know which of them will like their content. In such a situation, sending emails to everyone can be even more harmful. Many of them will report your email, due to which your email marketing journey will end before it starts.

5. Analyse Your Result

Just sending emails is not enough, but from there your work starts. After that you also have to monitor your emails, after all, how many people opened those emails and after that how many people visited your website by clicking on the links inside them. You can use Constant Contact to monitor all these.

For new bloggers.

If you are a new blogger then you do not need to pay so much attention behind all this. Email marketing should never be our primary goal. It comes in handy then, now our blog has grown a bit and people also like to come here, so there is no harm in contacting a new audience. In the beginning, you should focus only on making a list of emails.

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